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New City Development was formed in 2004 when Shawn Thomas had a vision to take what was a closed run down hotel at the time known as the Ramada Inn and turn it into beautiful downtown Greenville condos.

This vision came before any of the older homes had been taken out along the South Church Street area and from around Serrine Stadium and across the street on the Haynie Street side. There was talk about possibly redeveloping the South Church Street area but no actions had taken place by any of the well known developers at that time.  Shawn Thomas wanted to step forward and go out on the edge to try and start the transformation of what was once a key piece of the downtown area known as South Church Street. Falls Park was not in place at that time, nor was the Greenville Drive ball field, or the new developments on South Main Street.

During the second year of reconstructing the old Ramada Hotel into The Brio condos, Falls Park started to take shape and River Place construction began. Now, after some 20 years, and with the current D.O.T project that was just completed in July of 2012, South Church Street in Greenville finally got the face lift it had much deserved.  This will soon be a beautiful key connector for Downtown Greenville which connects Augusta Street to University Ridge and extends to I-385 or I-85 depending on the direction you are traveling.  This is also where Shawn came up with the name that would be a name to remember in the Greenville Real Estate community:  New City Development & Real Estate.  The company was formed in 2004 and in 2007 it received the Multi Family Revitalization Award of the Year for the upstate in 2007 by the Greater Greenville Association of Realtors.

As the market slid into a recession, New City Development was able to sell most of the 50 condos at The Brio.  After this successful venture, Shawn went back to his original focus, the focus that led him into The Brio project.  Shawn returned to his roots, looking for smaller residential and commercial investments that were distressed assets.  He has continued to buy, renovate, and resell through these difficult times while many of the key developers he admired were unable to hang on due to the difficult real estate market.

New City Development & Real Estate continues to grow as a Development and Real Estate brokerage company and is buying up key future development sites now in the Greenville SC area that will be future development locations. The company continues to stand by its beliefs of Building Relationships, Driving Progress, and Improving Lives.  The face of real estate will forever change for the better when New City is a part of the deal.

The returns that New City is able to achieve are not typical and Shawn is always looking to speak with other passive investors who would like to get an amazing return on their investments secured by tangible real estate investments. If you would like to find out more information please contact Shawn Thomas today.